What is CRRT?

Continuous kidney replacement therapy (CRRT) is a special type of dialysis and is performed for patients with unstable condition in the intensive care unit whose bodies can not tolerate normal dialysis. This type of dialysis is very different from the usual type of dialysis that patients may be familiar with and requires special skills and expertise.

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CRRT is a slower type of dialysis that puts less strain on the heart. Instead of lasting four hours, CRRT is performed 24 hours a day to gently and continuously remove waste products and fluids from the patient's body. A special anticoagulant is needed to prevent the dialysis circuit from clotting.

This treatment is used primarily in the intensive care unit and for people with acute renal failure. This method, known as hemofiltration, purifies the blood through a special device. The blood then returns to the body with the replacement fluid.

The CRRT device is the most advanced device that can be used for dialysis for patients of different age groups, even under 2 years of age, weighing more than 2 kg and low blood pressure, without restrictions for patients with infectious diseases such as HBV - HIV - HCV with a completely closed system. Disposable and sterile.

In general, the CRRT device mimics the function of the kidneys in regulating water and electrolytes and the slow and continuous removal of toxic products from the blood without any side effects to the patient.

Nilasalamat Paydar, as the main representative of European companies producing all types of cartridges and hemoperfusion filters, and using more than one hundred trained nursing experts, is ready to provide quality services to all loved ones who need this important treatment for their critically ill patients.

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How do you explain continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) to your patients? Continuous renal replacement therapy is a special type of dialysis that we do for unstable patients in

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